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1:1 Initiative

The Claysburg-Kimmel School District is committed to making available to all students and staff members access to a wide range of electronic learning facilities, equipment, and software, including computers, computer network systems, and the Internet.  The goal in providing this technology and access is to support educational objectives and the mission of the Claysburg-Kimmel School District.

The Claysburg-Kimmel School District is taking innovative steps to dramatically transform teaching and learning by implementing a 1:1 initiative.This initiative will provide students the tools to instantly access information and to become producers - rather than just consumers of - information.  A sound technology foundation for each and every student needs to be based on a continual professional development as well as the appropriate acquisition and maintenance of technological resources.

What books are available at the Elementary and High School library?



Some of the programs we are using to enhance learning in the district for our students are:

Accelerated Reader



Education City


Study Island


          More discounts for students and faculty.